CD Duplication in Clear Poly Sleeves
Plastic CD Sleeves
Plastic CD Sleeves

Plastic CD Sleeves

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  • CD Duplication (Burned) - For quantities of 25 to 200
  • CD Replication (Pressed) - For quantities of 250+
  • On-Disc Printing: Silk Screen, Offset or Digital Disc Printing
  • Packaging Included

Once you've placed your order and we have all your materials (art, audio, etc...), we start what's called "Pre-Production". You will receive PDF proofs by email within 1-2 business days. Once you approve the proofs, that day counts as day 0 of production time.

What Standard 7-10 Business Days production time actually means:
- 1-2 business days of pre-production
- 6-8 business days of production time after you approve your proofs.
- Your full service total turn time is really 7-10 business days (not calendar days), approximately 2 weeks.

For a Rush 5-6 Business Day production time:
- 0-1 day of pre-production time
- 4-5 days of production time
- Total full service turn time is 5-6 business days

For a Rush 3-4 Business Day production time:
- same day pre-production time
- 3-4 days of production time
- Total full service turn time is 3-4 business days

For a Rush 2 Business Day production time:
- Same day pre-production time
- 2 days of production time
- Total full service turn time is 2 business days

If you need even faster delivery, it may be available. Please give us a call to discuss your project 416-446-0918.

Remember, production time doesn't start until we have your approval by email and it's counted in business days. 

Simply put, duplicated discs are blank CDRs or DVDRs burned one by one in a machine similar to that of a computer CD/DVD drive. Replicated discs are fabricated from scratch by melting the plastic and stamping the information onto the disc.

To learn more, check out our blog article by clicking here.

Text/Logo printing is great for simple designs. It’s as the names states, designed for plain text in any font or colour, printed directly on the white surface of the CD. For logos, we can print almost any style and colour of logo on the white CD.

They key is to understand that the background is white and you’re printing simple images on a WHITE disc.

Full Colour On-Disc printing has virtually no restrictions, you can print anything you want on the disc surface.

Recommendations for full colour on-disc printing:

Quantities 25-200: Unfortunately, we can only print digitally for these quantities. Offset and Silk Screen printing is
not available. For best results, avoid solid background colours. You can do pictures with lots of variations in colours, fonts and text but some solid colours can become a little “streaky”.

Quantities 250+ : The sky is the limit, we can print using our Digital, Offset or Silk Screen machines. In most cases we will choose what machine to run your job on based on your artwork and our experience, knowing what will yield the best results.

In short, YES.

If you take your music seriously and plans to sell your music in stores or even digitally, you'll need a barcode.

What is a barcode?

A barcode is a unique identifying number for your product. It allows you to track sales through SoundScan and lists you on the Billboard Charts. You can even use the same barcode you get from us for digital distribution (iTunes, CD Baby, etc...)

How it works

We've broken down the ordering process into 3 easy steps!

1. Place Your Order Online

All our pricing is online for your convenience. Simply add the product to the Cart and Checkout like any other e-commerce store. Once this is done, you'll instantly receive an email with the upload link and instructions.


2. Prepare and Upload Your Artwork

Before sending your files, ensure you have the correct dimensions, image resolution and file type for the best results. Get your artwork templates and check out some video tutorials on how to use them.


3. Prepare and Upload Your Audio

You've worked long and hard to make your music sound awesome. Now lets make sure all that hard work pays off and the CD not only sounds great but also functions exactly the way you want it to.

CD Duplication

Canadian made

High-Quality CD Manufacturing

...quality that's only the start. Since 1999 we've never forgotten who we are, musicians. Being musicians ourselves, we make sure your product stands out so you can be heard.

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