About Us

About Us - Train Records

About Us

Based in Toronto, Canada, Train Records was founded in 1999. The company started as a vinyl record label and grew to become one of the most successful media manufacturing companies in Canada. We’re good at what we do, and over the years, more than sixteen thousand musicians, film makers and businesses have trusted us to make their CDs, DVDs and Vinyl Records.

Simply put- We care about our clients, and we have the track record to prove it!

Here’s some numbers:

Production Capacity

  • 30,000 CDs per Day
  • 22,000 DVDs per Day
  • 6,000 Vinyl Records per Day

Bragging Rights

  • We've made 64 Million CDs
  • We've made more than 35 Million DVDs and...
  • 120 Thousand Vinyl Records
  • You might know Drake, Nelly Furtado or Sum 41? They all pressed their first CDs with us.