Audio CD Masters

Audio CD Masters

It’s important that your master sounds exactly the way you want it to, has all of the songs in the correct order and the right amount of spacing between the songs. You should also make a backup copy of your master before you send it to us.

Note: We will not edit or alter the master in any way. We will not touch the equalization, normalization, make any level adjustments, as well as track order and spacing between tracks.

Physical Audio Master CDs 
Always use high quality recordable media and burn at the slowest speed your software allows. The maximum length for CDs is 79:45 minutes. For programs over the industry recommended 78:00 total time, you must submit a signed disclaimer form with your order.

Master formats we accept
We can accept your master on one of the following formats:

  • CD-R master (16-bit/ 44.1kHz CDA format only)
  • DDP 2.0
  • Wav files
  • MP3 files (note that the audio quality of your final discs will only be as good as the MP3 files provided - this is not our recommended format)
Handling masters
Handle all masters carefully, both before and after recording. Touch CD masters only by the edges and keep them free of fingerprints and scratches that can cause data errors. Make sure your master and box are labeled clearly with your contact information.

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