What are ISRC Codes?
ISRC International Standard Recording Code   What are ISRC codes? The boring technical version is that ISRC Codes (International Standard Recording Code) are the international identification system for sound recordings and music video recordings. Each ISRC is a unique and...
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*New for 2017* Vinyl Record Pressing
Our 2 state of the art automated vinyl record presses arrived in December 2016 and we've been working diligently to get them installed. We're accepting orders for vinyl as of January 9 2017, Happy New Year!
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Duplication vs. Replication
What is all this talk about Duplication and Replication, and what's the difference? Simply put, duplicated discs are blank CDRs or DVDRs burned one by one in a machine similar to that of a computer CD/DVD drive. Replicated discs are...
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