Vinyl Pressing Masters

Preparing Your Audio for Vinyl Pressing

This is it, the heart and soul of your record. The audio.

Preferred file format: 24-bit, 96kHz WAV file (already pre-mastered for vinyl if possible).
We can also accept audio CDs and numerous other formats. Give us a call 416-446-0918 and we’ll let you know what works. Just please no MP3s… they don’t translate well onto wax.

Note: If the audio file isn’t mastered for vinyl, or if you've done something funky with the audio, let us know and we'll make sure it sounds good.

Audio File Setup: We require one long WAV file per side. If you have more than one song per side, they need to be sequenced in the correct order (the same order as the finished record). Please leave a 3-5 second gap between the songs to ensure a smooth transition.

Running Times: Please use the following times as a general guide. They aren't set in stone, if you'd like more info check out: Tips for vinyl pre-mastering.

  • 12" Record at 33 rpm - recommended maximum of 20 minutes
  • 12" Record at 45 rpm - recommended maximum of 14 minutes

File naming: Save your WAV file as Side A and Side B, so we can accurately match them to the label. For example: Side A - Bobcaygeon - The Tragically Hip

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