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Canadian Vinyl Record Pressing

We've got it.  Vinyl.  The original sound.

Vinyl Manufacuring

Would you like to have an average record, or an exceptional one? We thought so.

Train Records started as a vinyl record label nearly two decades ago, and then moved into manufacturing. We've cut thousands of albums of all genres. We're not new to this and we're really good at what we do.

Vinyl is more of an art than a science. ‘Mastering’- the last step of the recording process and the first step of the manufacturing one- requires a Mastering Engineer with a unique and crucial skill set. Without this expertise, the ‘soul’ of the recording can never be revealed. At Train Records, we have the best Award-winning engineers with decades of experience.

Our records are professionally minted on the highest quality Vinyl Record Presses found anywhere in the world. Materials make all the difference, and we use only specially imported raw Grade A virgin vinyl, sourced from the UK in 150 gram or high-fidelity super quiet 180 gram weights, which contains NO LEAD and allows for the finest sounding records. We also NEVER re-use the scraps like some other guys.

We offer beautiful and vibrant packaging options; full colour jackets with or without a spine. And, of course, we have the fastest turn around time in the business.

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