Preparing Your Artwork

1. Download our templates.

Before submitting your files, your artwork will need to be sized correctly using our templates. Our templates are available for download by clicking here.

2 . Create your artwork.

In a professional graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop create your artwork. Have some fun, place your photos, text and graphics and make something awesome!

3. Ensure that the artwork specifications are met.

Use high quality 300 DPI images, CMYK colour scheme. Finished design files must be submitted in PDF, PSD or JPEG formats.


For more information check out the following resources:

Important notes:

Please make sure the template guidelines are not displayed on the final files you submit. The green, blue, and red guide lines on the template are for your reference only. We do not need these guide lines on your finished PDF, PSD or JPEG. If you leave these lines on your design and they are visible in the file, they may be printed as part of your design.

If your files are not in CMYK we will convert any RGB images to CMYK this will result in color shifts. It is better that you see this change on your own computer.