Our Story

Our Story

It begins in 1999.

Founder William Burgess got wind that the contents of the insolvent Attic Records were going to be auctioned off nearby. In the hopes of acquiring a discounted computer monitor for his home recording studio, he set off unaware that much bigger things were about to transpire.

While sifting through the consortium of desks, chairs and countless plaques of Gold and Platinum Records, he happened across a giant crate. Looking around, there didn't seem to be any interest from anyone to the crate's contents.

Luckily enough, Will knew exactly what the contents of the crate were.

It was only a few weeks before, that in the hopes of releasing more of his own music on CD, Will had contacted a couple of companies regarding the purchase of a CD press. Having just turned 20 years old and working as an On-Air Radio DJ, a $100,000 USD CD press was definitely out of the budget. But as fate would have it, in pieces, within the crate, was a CD Press. When the auctioneer came to the crate, with little competition, Will put up his hand and won the CD press for $600 Canadian Dollars.

And so, Train Records was born.