How To Order CDs


Step 1. Place Your Order

There are 2 easy ways to place an order

    1. Order Online 24/7 by simply clicking on any product page, select your preferences and then click "Add to Cart". Now you can either go back and add more items or click on "Checkout". To Checkout fill in your details, select your shipping and payment method. As soon as your checkout is complete you'll receive an order confirmation email with your order number and a link to the upload page.
    2. Give us a call at 416.446.0918 or email and let us take care of everything for you. We live and breathe this stuff all day, so you can trust us to answer your questions and make it easy.


Preparing Your Artwork Files

    1. Download Your Templates. All the templates can be found here. If you're having trouble or aren't sure which template to use, please email and we will respond with the correct template file.
    2. Setup Your Artwork. In a professional graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, use the templates to help create your artwork. Have some fun, place your photos, text and graphics and make something awesome!
    3. Ensure That The Artwork Specifications Are Met. Finished design files should be submitted in PSD or PDF format, have a resolution of at least 300 DPI and be in CMYK. 
    4. Important Notes. Please make sure the template guidelines are not displayed on the final files you submit. The green, blue, and red guide lines on the template are for your reference only. If you leave these lines on your design and they are visible in the file, they may be printed as part of your design. If your files are not in CMYK we will convert any RGB images to CMYK this will result in color shifts. It is better that you see this change on your own computer.

Preparing Your Audio Files

It’s important that your audio files sound exactly the way you want them to. We will not edit or alter the audio in any way. We will not touch the equalization, normalization or make any level adjustments. The maximum length for a CD is 79:45 minutes. The default space we use between the tracks is 0 seconds.

Audio formats we accept

    1. DDP 2.0. This is the gold standard for replication, if you're dealing with a studio, ask them to provide you with the finished master in DDP format. If you'd like, we can even email the upload link directly to the studio, allowing them to upload file directly to us.
    2. WAV files. The files should be saved at 16-bit / 44.1kHz. Please make sure to name the WAV files starting with the track number. For example: "01 Song Name.WAV", note the "0" is actually important. Whatever you chose as the file name will display as the song name for CD text. In some cases we will email you a screenshot of the audio displaying the track names and times for confirmation before proceeding. 
    3. Physical CD Master. This can be your standard burned audio CD (16-bit/ 44.1kHz CDA format only). Please have the CD sent to 5250 Satellite Dr. Unit 3, Mississauga, ON. L4W 5G5. Make sure to include your contact info in the package, we receive a lot of CDs. 

Step 3. Upload Your Files

You can either use the upload link that was emailed to you in Step 1 or click here to upload your files at any time.

We can also accept file uploads by Dropbox and Google Drive, please share the files with

If you'd like to mail in or drop off your files, just let us know. You can mail in a USB key or book an appointment to drop by our office.

Artwork Proofs

Step 4. Approve Your Proof

After sending in your files, we will review them to make sure they are suitable for production. If we have any concerns about the supplied materials, we will let you know. Please note: if we do find issues with the submitted files it may delay your estimated completion date.

If everything checks out you'll receive proofs from us via email. Review and approve the files quickly so we can start production and set your ship date.

Step 5. Get Your Stuff!

Wow that was quick! We have several shipping methods to pick from to ensure you'll get your order on time.