DVD Masters

Film & Video
Before sending in your master, test it thoroughly to make sure that it performs exactly the way you want it to. Your finished discs will be an identical copy of your master.

DVD+R or DVD-R are both acceptable for replication of DVD-5s. They can be produced on either an authoring or standard computer burner. We will check the disc for damage but we will not be verifying the content (menu links, video quality, etc...). These are not checked as they can vary greatly from project to project and we have no idea what the final project is supposed to look or sound like.

For DVD-9s, you must supply either a DVD+R DL (Dual Layer DVD) or upload a DDP Disc Image.

Note about encryption: If you require CSS or Macrovision copy protection the files must be authored as such and must be submitted as a DDP only. We can author the DVD and add encryption for you at an additional charge. 

Always use high-quality recordable media and burn at the slowest speed on a non-rewritable disc for your DVD masters. DVD-ReWritable (DVD-RW) discs should not be used for making DVD masters. Not all DVD readers can read DVD-RW discs. This can lead to problems during replication.