Acceptable File Formats

Audio CDs:

  • When uploading, we accept individual files in .wav or .mp3 formats. Please make sure that the tracks are clearly numbered beginning with "01 - Track Name, 02 - Track Name, etc..."
  • DDP file set
  • ISO

Data CDs (CD-ROMs):

  • Pretty much any computer file, as long as the content is under 700 MBs
  • ISO
  • IMG disc image


  • Video_TS directory from a fully functional authored DVD (one that already plays in a set top DVD Player)
  • ISO disc image of authored video DVD
  • DDP file set from authored DVD

Please do NOT provide QuickTime, MPEG, AVI or any other digital video files for a Video DVD project. These files need to be authored to the proper format for set top DVD playback


  • Pretty much anything, as long as the content is under 4.7 GBs in total
  • ISO
  • IMG disc image